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I'm a Software Engineer based in Amman, Jordan — I've been building stuff on the web for about 7 years or so, I stopped counting after a while — working with companies across various countries and industries — my focus would be on building cloud-agnosticscalable, and performant applications.

The knowledge gained from learning a new programming language and frameworks would be stale and redundant to me over time — that's assuming the language concepts and fundamentals are similar to previous one's.

However, programming languages with another paradigm is beneficial (Functional & Imperative) — even if I don't use it directly it's gonna broaden my problem-solving capabilities with new ideas and possibly a different approach.

In summary, The software and tech I use is a tool to solve a problem. Understanding the problem and identifying the core cause is much more crucial, especially early in developing a new product.

I believe dealing with problems at the product core, whether it's in infrastructure or crucial low-level API which you simply can't just change without a refactor is the hardest to solve — sometimes refactor is indeed the best and the worst solution at the same time

I wrote a more specific article about software and tech I use, you can read it at my Stack


It's a known fact that my UI/UX knowledge is worse than NVIDIA support for Linux drivers.

Sure thing boss! I can integrate that API for you... Oh, you wanna know the best way to announce our new integration feature to the users?!

Hmm, let's see, probably beside the app logo with small text like “Check out our new feature” and an arrow pointing to the right side? or maybe with a hand emoji 👉 ?

Huh, you think it's terrible? well, that's your opinion, personally, I think it looks fantastic. Don't worry not everyone has impeccable taste when designing the UI/UX, for I believe it's pure talent.

Now seriously, I am not even sure if this looks okay (maybe just ugly 🤔) or something else only a picture can describe — this site is copied by other open-sourced projects.

Hold on... did I just said copied?? well, don't be confused it's probably a typo — I MEANT inspired not copied.

Cloudflare cache TTL is 2 hours, combined with a NGINX extra caching layer — if I delete this paragraph, I can't know for sure if someone read it 😟

What if it was a hiring manager from $INSERT_FAMOUS_COMPANY_NAME — now people will think I just copy pasta... Pffft I knew that I shouldn't adjust caching stuff, instead I made 2 caching layers. The perfect punishment for being greedy and now I can't control the content because “muh cache hit ratio”

The site is open-sourced in case you are inspired, read more about it at Building my site