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Linux commands for me

Omar Alsoudani - Linux commands

Linux commands

This article is not about something specific, this is just a list of commands for various Linux programs and tools, some might be simple, others useless. Some might be great, so to clarify this list is what I find useful for me, you can look through it and who knows? maybe you'll like some of it.

Contribution with new commands is always welcome, via GitHub or just by contacting me. Same goes to correcting a bad command or not the actual use case for it (I only add commands that I used personally and still use, so they should be correct)

The list will be incrementally changed, could be daily or maybe once a month. Every time I find something interesting or new that I actually use whether it's for a new program or a just a new command, I will add it to it's corresponding page, or a new page for a new program


Since this is incremental, I split the content into multiple pages based on the topic, each topic has it's own page. You can navigate through them using the links below

Omar Alsoudani

Modified July 12, 2021

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